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Pome Pepper | Perfumes by Tanoko Tonic

Pome Pepper | Perfumes by Tanoko Tonic

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Refillable Perfume:

Created in collaboration with niche indie perfume brand Tanoko these perfumes are made of essential oils and phthalate-free fragrances. They are 100% vegan and gluten-free, in a base of grain alcohol.



How it works: 

Customers purchase the retail sprayer-top bottles from your shop

Once empty, the sprayer-top bottles can be refilled, just like our other products!

Simply unscrew the top and use the 4oz dropper to refill the retail bottle


The MSRP of the 15ml size is $49 -- a 200% profit

The total value of just one refill bottle is up to $392! 


This retail bottle is made of glass. The top is a high quality atomizer (sprayer) that can be screwed on and off for easy refilling- no crimping or capping machine necessary!

The 4oz dropper refill bottle is made of cobalt blue glass and should be kept out of direct sunlight





From Tanoko Tonic :


To create a sophisticated, sparkling fruity perfume- one that is not juvenile or sickly in its sweetness. Each phase of the perfume, the beginning, middle, and end of its story, has a stark transition. Sharp, almost scratching peppers cleanly open, but quickly soften into a sweet-fruity heart that, in turn, is rounded off by a dark forest of deep woody notes.

Pome Pepper is an ode to the unpredictability of life. It is the thing that connects all the seemingly random and unrelated events of the everyday; the individual, the personality. It is a perfume that offers a connection back to peace, a reprieve from the moment- it is a vacation to tranquility that offers you something novel with each whiff.


The scent at a glance:

A captivating and mysteriously sweet perfume with a dark, woody spice to contrast its alluring fruit notes.

Prominent Notes:

Black Pepper, White Pepper, Pink Pepper, Honey, Amber, Cayenne, Tart Green Apple, Crisp White Pear, Juicy Red Apple, Sweet Gold Pear, Quince, Milk, Coffee, Sugar, Frankincense, & Woods

Sharp spices open Pome Pepper with a distinct kick. Just underlying is the heat of a cayenne to complement the spicy peppers. Fading in just as the peppers fade out come the pome fruits; succulent pears, juicy apples, and a tart quince fruit dance within the sweet heat of a golden honey-amber-cayenne accord. The base is a refraction of the heart, transforming from sweet to dark, with coffee, frankincense, and various wood notes taking the lead, slightly softened by the remaining white and gold pear notes.


Good scent presence for up to 12 hours of wear....lasted 30+ hours on a test strip





Other information:


No certifications or licenses are required to sell perfumes in your shop

Concentration is 15% (commonly called 'eau de toilette')

They DO NOT contain any BHT, parabens, phthalates, dyes, sulfates, etc.

The 3ml glass tester bottle is also refillable


Tips for maximizing your perfume's lasting power:

The amount of time the perfume lasts on your skin is the SAME regardless of whether you use one spray or the whole bottle. The difference is not in lasting power, but the STRENGTH of scent and how far that scent will travel.

You are a human, not a test strip! While test perfumes may last 30+ hours on a piece of paper, that does not mean they will last that long on you! If you apply the perfume where it can be rubbed off or washed off it will not last long at all!

**After testing to make sure it won't stain your clothes first** Applying perfume to a coat or other piece of clothing that isn't washed often is a surefire way to make your perfume last as long as possible


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