How This All Started

How This All Started

Rustic Strength is a family owned and operated company. 
Our beliefs are simple, what you pour into the earth you will get out of the earth.  My husband and I created Rustic Strength out of a need to reduce harmful chemicals out of our families lives. 

My son started showing signs of sensitivities at the age of 18 months.  He collapsed in his Aunt Beth's arms one day on the way to church.  We rushed him to the hospital.  We went six months without finding answers.  He then started having other issues relating to his skin and lungs. He would have anaphylaxis reactions to random things at random times.  We had epi-pens stored everywhere because we just never knew what he was going to react to.  We decided to take drastic measures.  We removed all the carpet, all fake plants, all feather pillows, and all foods with dyes.  We changed all our cleaning products to hypoallergenic and he would still have reactions.  We learned so much from chasing his illness. 

I, Alicia, started having endocrine issues around the age of 40.  I started looking hard into products along with the food that I was eating.  I am a retired personal trainer so my nutrition was pretty spot on.  I took a deeper dive into all the chemicals in my cleaning products, body, and hair care products. I started researching all the chemicals (before it was cool) in all the products.  It was hard to find the information needed to make really good decisions.  Unlike today where there is a lot of information.

I finally got frustrated enough that my husband and I started experimenting with our own laundry detergent.  It took months and months of work to finalize our first real product.  We then tested it for over two years before deciding to make a company out of the knowledge we have and the drive to help others lead a better life with better chemicals in there products.

My husband and I knew when we launched our company that we wanted to be different than all the big box store brands.  We looked toward our local health food store about starting a refill exchange program.  At first, they where not so on board.  However, we found another refill shop that was just opening their doors and we aligned perfectly with each others mission.  

Today, Rustic Strength manufactures high-purity, toxin-free refillable plant-based cleaning + wellness products. With hundreds of bulk refill locations from Hawaii to the East Coast, you can sustainably refill.

The difference between our products vs. others on the market is that we use highly concentrated active ingredients that are sourced with no impurities. We strictly avoid harsh allergenic chemicals and the processes that produce known carcinogens and hormone disruption. Our products are all phthalate-free, paraben-free, phosphate-free, SLS-free, SLES-free, and what we like to say, "simply worry-free".

We didn’t sweat when New York recently placed restrictions on the sale of cleaning products containing high levels of the known carcinogen 1,4 Dioxane. Where many big brands fell short of the standard and lost public trust, we were able to gain it by not having this impurity.

Most of our products are produced daily at our family-run factory in The Ozarks, USA — arriving to directly you made the same week. While with larger companies product may have sat on shelves for up to a year.

Rustic Strength was the first in our industry to establish a “Close The Loop Program” with our containers and we have paved the way for other manufacturers to follow in our footsteps.  We are currently the only manufacturer implementing our closed loop process by washing and sanitizing containers and sending them back to customers (we have cute stickers we use to show they have been re-used).

– The Adamson Family

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