Stain Removal Tips

Stain Removal Tips

Often times, detergent itself isn't enough for stains. Here is our tips and tricks for removing the most common clothing stains. 

How to remove:

Blood - If the blood hasn’t had time to dry out, rinse the item with cold water and remove as much as possible, then dab with hydrogen peroxide to remove any remaining blood. If the blood has dried, rinse item with cold water to flush out as much blood as you can before soaking in 1oz laundry detergent mixed with a full tub of water for up to 12 hours and washing the garment. (Repeat process as necessary before drying)

Candy - First, remove any parts of the candy that may be remaining and rinse in cold water to dilute the stain. Then, soak the affected area in laundry detergent for 15 minutes to remove the stain and launder as normal. (Repeat process as necessary before drying)

Chocolate – Soak the area in laundry detergent, and then scrub vigorously with hot water to quickly remove stains. Launder as normal.

Coffee - Rinse the area with cold water immediately. Then treat the area with 1tbsp oxy boost and 2tbsp organic fabric softener, and then scrub vigorously until the stain is gone. Rinse once more and then launder the garment as normal.

Deodorant - To remove deodorant soak the garment in 1 cup organic fabric softener for a half-hour, and then rinse and launder as you normally would using laundry detergent.

Dirt - Brush away any excess dirt, and then rinse away the rest with cold water. If dirt remains scrub with 1/2oz detergent before laundering as normal.

Gravy -  First put flour on the affected area to remove some of the grease, and then soak it in 1oz laundry detergent for up to an hour before laundering as normal.

Juice - Being careful not to spread the stain, rinse it in cool water. Then, make a solution of 1oz laundry detergent, 1oz organic fabric softener, and 1oz warm water and soak the stain in this for 25 minutes. Re-rinse the item and launder as normal.

Ketchup - Turn the garment inside out and rinse out as much sauce that remains as possible. Apply 1/2oz detergent to the stained area for about a half-hour. Re-rinse with cold water and dab organic fabric softener on the area. Soak with detergent once again before washing in hot water.

Lipstick - Dab the area repeatedly with isopropyl alcohol until the stain is gone.

Mold/Mildew - If you find mold or mildew on your clothes, try soaking them overnight in a concoction of 1tbsp lemon juice, 2oz laundry detergent, 1 oz salt, and warm water; then rinse in a clean tub of warm soapy water afterwards.

Milk - If your clothes do get stained with milk, first rinse the area with cold water; then soak in a solution of a tub of water and 1oz detergent overnight before laundering as normal.

Oils - Try cassava flour over the stain for 20 minutes at a time to soak up the oil. (Repeat as necessary to fully remove stain) Proceed with washing like normal. 

Poop/Diaper/Urine or otherwise – remove any extra debris into the toilet.  You will want to wash the item twice.  First wash cycle - place garment / diapers in washing machine with ¼ c OxyBoost stain remover / water softener and 1 ounce laundry detergent.  Place laundry machine on cold, heavy soil and normal or quick/speed cycle (no fabric softener or extra rinse).  This first cycle gets the poop and urine out and washes all that yuck down the drain. 

The second cycle is what cleans the garment / diaper. Remove the garments / diapers from the side of the tank add the ¼ c OxyBoost and 1 ounce of detergent.  Place the laundry machine on its hottest and longest cycle (heavy or sanitize setting).  Do not use fabric softener and no extra rinse.  This will help sanitize the garment and diapers.

Soda - To remove a soda stain, soak the item in 1oz laundry detergent and cool water for up to 12 hours. Launder in hot water.

Spaghetti Sauce - Try submerging the spaghetti sauce stain in some boiling water to remove it. (Some garments may be damaged by boiling water.) Sometimes that method may not work, if it doesn’t, try sponging the stained area with organic fabric softener and then soak it in cold water for 30 minutes. Then soak with soap and launder in hot water. If the sauce contains oil, repeat steps seen in Oil Stain. 

Sweat - A simple method to remove sweat stains from clothes is to soak the affected area in organic fabric softener and then scrub the affected area in hot water. Another great trick is to put sweat-stained whites outside in the sun which will naturally bleach them.

Vomit - Scrape any excess vomit off of the garment; turn it inside out and run cold water over the affected area. Pretreat the stain with 1tbsp laundry detergent and scrub together, before laundering in hot water.

Wine - Immediately flush stain with cold water and then soak in laundry detergent before laundering in hot water. Sponging on a bit of organic fabric softener can also help remove some of the stain, along with sprinkling oxy boost onto the stain to absorb some of the fluid before it has time to dry. 

What products of yours do you recommend for stains? 

Other than our Laundry Detergent, our Oxyboost, Unbleach and Organic Fabric Softener are obvious choices which stand out. However, we also carry household Isopropyl Alcohol and Multigrain Vinegars that can help treat some stains. 


Stains of all strengths and sizes can be a hassle, but with this helpful guide, you'll be able to knock out some of those stubborn spots!
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